Pray-For-Peace Cards

More than 90,000 Pray-For-Peace Cards have been handed out. The prayer on the back is read by more than 50% of the recipience. Cards have been handed out in Connecticut, New York, Michigan, Illinois, and along the Pray-For-Peace Walks. Cards have been handed out at 6 Major League Baseball Stadiums.

Pray-For-Peace Walks

Dozen Pray-For-Peace Walks have been organized and done. The longest was New York City to Chicago (1,000 miles). The walks covered more than 4,500 miles. Hundred have participated and thousands have prayed

Publicity Results of Pray-For-Peace Walks

  • TV News Segments and interviews (more than a dozen) with over 6 million viewers
  • Dozens on news paper articles and press releases with a readership in excess of 3 million readers
  • Thousands of spectators along walking routes.
  • More than a dozen speaches.

Pray-For-Peace Stuff - designed produced and distributed

  • Dozens of hats and golf shirts
  • More than 2,000 t-shirts - Red Sox, Yankees and Plain
  • Thousands of decals/stickers
  • Hundreds on coins/medals
  • Hundreds of Brochures 
  • Thousands of fliers - walks and talks

Websites and Social Media Accounts created.

Youtube videos with more than 40,000 views.